Who do you think are naturally better at rock climbing — men or women? The answer is women. (It shouldn’t surprise you because the answer is always the non-obvious option. Go ahead, writing in about this.)

One of the reasons is men overestimate their arm strength (besides others like strength to mass ratio, etc.) Likewise, when you think of adventure sports like paragliding, it doesn’t seem obvious that women will naturally be better at it. But they are. In both rock climbing and paragliding, mere strength doesn’t take you anywhere. It’s those light touches that are critical. Girls do those beautifully.


A couple of readers asked me why I’m irregular with updates. Here’s why: I am juggling my time between work, travelling, trekking, fitness and paragliding. I have little time or interest in what’s going on around the world.

Ignorance is bliss. Seriously, try not giving a fuck about anything for a day or two.

And don’t share this with too many people because the ones who do give a fuck keep things moving. The least we can do is be happy and not let their efforts go waste. Sound reasonable?


I watch with amusement as folks fret over which side of Anna Hazare everyone ought to be. Here’s a piece of advice: It doesn’t matter what you think. Things will proceed with or without you. If you find everything ridiculous, do something about your point of view, emigrate or try to live happily with it (by either ignoring everything or finding satisfaction with how stupid everyone else is). If you’re doing either of the three, great. Else you’re just troubling yourself.


Now back to the word I slid in up there: Paragliding. It’s been a month of lessons and I’m enjoying every bit. A word of caution though: It is not 100% safe (like driving), it takes time to learn, a long time to master and it is not inexpensive. But once you are flying in the air alongside birds, I’d be surprised if you gave a fuck about anything.

To quote the Arabic version of Toy Story: Insha’Allah to infinity and beyond.