My friend Salil B. shared this video. Hold on to your seats:


That’s not what I call music but one cannot define music. He does one thing right though: Not touching the black keys (flats/sharps). That by itself makes his music less dissonant.

There is a bit after 2:19 where things are melodious (relatively) because seems to be staying within the rules of a raga — which is different from playing a raga. Calling that playing a raga is unfair to those who train for years to understand a raga.

Yes, I just analyzed that music.


There is a hint of self-deprecating humour in the video, but let’s say Ravi Shankar thinks he is a decent musician and his followers agree and enjoy that music.

To quote this wonderful TED talk, Art is the greatest deception of all. If both the player and the audience feel great, music has served its purpose — and the naysayers should sod off. The same applies to any music, be it Katy Perry or Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia.

[It is a mistake to put Katy Perry and Pt. Hariprasad Chaurasia together .. atleast until panditji wears a thicker layer of clothes below the waist.]


This post is classified as Music, but it really is “Music”.