It first appeared like HuJI, a terrorist group, planned the Delhi High Court bomb blast:

“We owe the responsibility of today’s blasts at High Court Delhi… our demand is that Afzal Guru’s death sentence should be repealed immediately else we would target major high courts and the Supreme Court of India.”

This ought to bother everyone. No, not the fact that HuJI sought to make a controversy about Afzal Guru but because we cannot belong to a country that is attacked by terrorists who do not know the different between will and would.

Good for us, looks like it wasn’t HuJI .. or one of the four other (ir)responsibility claimers.

A common thread of amusement (and/or disappointment) was how the Delhi High Court resumed working that very day while the Parliament excused itself for the rest of the day. The Parliament working would’ve sent some message to the terrorists, we were told.

Now I’ll just say this once:

Reacting To A Terror Attack 101

In our minds, when we resume routine life or indeed react in any way that makes us proud of ourselves as humans, we think it dampens the terrorists’ schadenfreude (Finally I used the word! Rightly, I think.) and that they react with this sad-face from Arrested Development.

If I were a terrorist (I was of the opinion that I must clarify to high-tech eavesdroppers at this point that I am not really a terrorist, but Fareed Zakaria assures me that liberties in the U.S. are not infringed in the name of counter terrorism and to suggest otherwise is “liberal hand-wringing”.), I would care about people’s reaction as much as I would at the reaction of ducks sitting in water when I toss a pebble in. *pat on the back for brilliant metaphor*

And I get it: People are, like, totally awesome when disaster strikes in their vicinity. They even help those that do not belong to their gotra/skin color. Humans are the best .. err .. leaving those terrorists, of course.

All that is fine, you say: Then what must we do?

I don’t know. And really, when has a blogger solved a problem.


Meanwhile, since we all think politics contains some sort of solution to the problem, we can silently pray that when a victim’s body is blow apart by a bomb, his/her finger flies to the nearest electronic voting machine and casts a vote for the politician who will improve things.

And that the machine is not rigged.