Suzanne Moore does some straight-talk about abortion:

All fundamentalisms seek to control female sexuality. It’s the same old game. Get your rosaries off my ovaries, as we used to say. You trust me with a child but not with a choice? If MPs want to help women then they can make access to abortion and contraception more efficient. Who has the authority over my body – some geezer in the House of Commons? Or me and my doctor? Like my mother, I feel no shame and I refute this language of “care”. You want a definition of a nanny state? How about one that thinks it’s OK to poke around in your uterus?

She’s talking about U.K. but the topic is ever relevant in American politics.

In the first of the Republican presidential debates a couple of weeks ago, a handful of candidates were of the opinion that even a girl who is raped must not undergo abortion. This was followed by some yapping about how life is special, how life begins at conception (but curiously, not at erection) and how the embryo-thingy did no wrong to deserve extermination.

I’d be so happy if a set of women took on these pseudo-conservatives and underwent repeated abortions — just for fun.


Yes, yes, it is in bad taste, it will harm their health and is not a very good idea.