Sushant K. Singh, Fellow at a think-tank, writes in Rediff about the mass graves discovered in Kashmir. The entire piece is delicious but I’m pasting just the beginning:

It may not have captured the news like Anna Hazare’s fast, but the recent discovery of mass graves in the Kashmir valley has been in the news lately. The term ‘mass graves’ invokes images of Pol Pot or of Rwanda where systemic extermination of a particular ethnic group was carried out by dictators.

It creates an impression that the dead bodies in these graves in Kashmir, presumably in thousands, would be of innocent Kashmiri Muslims killed in cold blood by Indian army soldiers — with the sanction of the Indian State — and dumped there.

That is the propaganda.

And goes on to do some reverse propaganda.

The piece reeks of Kashmir-without-perspective, something Kashmiris are tired of. And these are not all pro-Pakistan Kashmiris. To quote from a piece I linked to recently:

Here’s the thing: I don’t think of myself as an Indian. Or a Pakistani. It’s as simple as that. You can’t make me feel Indian. Pakistan can’t make me feel Pakistani. It’s what we call the bottom line — most Kashmiris really believe we are not part of either India or Pakistan. That is what the ‘freedom movement’ in Kashmir is all about.


Lest I give a different impression, no one quite knows the truth yet. To suggest anything is propaganda under the guise of (armchair) punditry.


Do I have any readers from Kashmir? Is there any news source you reckon is worth following for events in Kashmir?