An Open Letter To A Delhi Boy by Shahana:

Your reputation has travelled far and wide, to countries outside South India as well. And believe me man, it is not a pretty situation. I understand that your stone faded, ripped jeans, your V-neck cleavage showing t-shirts that revel to the world that you have infact inherited your mother’s voluptuous shaved Punjabi bosom, are what you think maketh a man, but it does not. It only maketh for a man who gets a pity license to share his girlfriend’s bra. I write to you as a woman who has been brought up in a society free of any discrimination towards women so thanks to you, my living in Delhi is as safe as Hugh Hefner’s playmate of the year living in Jedah.

Go read it already.


How does Delhi not succumb to terrorists after a bomb blast?

By going with their routine: Sexually harassing girls the next day.


How long before a Neha is sick of this stereotyping and writes a post defending Dally guys?