I came across yet another good Pakistani artist recently: Arooj Aftab. She’s not affiliated to Coke Studio but she ought to be.


Check out her other creations too.

She started Rebuild Pakistan, an initiative “to promote a vision of peace and healing for Pakistan – inspiring a global community to rebuild perspective on Pakistan and urging the people of Pakistan to actively engage in rebuilding their homeland”.

I sympathize with her, but I’m saddened if I look at reality. The global community’s perspective on Pakistan won’t change until the reason that caused it changes. And in Pakistan, sane voices are far fewer and far less powerful than, say, in India. It’s going to be a long road. I wish them well.

On the other hand — and I believe there is some correlation here — the music from Pakistan in these years of turmoil has been golden. It has given me, Pakistanis and other Indians countless moments of happiness.


The next time I complain about the music of Coke Studio India, remind me to blame Maoists and terrorists.

Bad taste? Add salt to taste.

Linka via Manan D.