By now, you ought to have seen this time-lapse video of the earth taken from the ISS (International Space Station):


Whenever I read about space, our self-importance amuses me. For instance, read this very fascinating article:

Scientists have found the biggest and oldest reservoir of water ever–so large and so old, it’s almost impossible to describe.

Researchers found a lake of water so large that it could provide each person on Earth an entire planet’s worth of water–20,000 times over. Yes, so much water out there in space that it could supply each one of us all the water on Earth–Niagara Falls, the Pacific Ocean, the polar ice caps, the puddle in the bottom of the canoe you forgot to flip over–20,000 times over.

The official NASA news release describes the amount of water as “140 trillion times all the water in the world’s oceans,” which isn’t particularly helpful, except if you think about it like this.

and reconcile this with the fact that no holy book or ‘god’ ever mentioned this. You’d think the gods would mention something as important as this. I mean, couldn’t Lord Krishna — while rambling on for 700-verses — mention in passing by, “Oh fun fact, I made this fucking huge reservoir of water far, far away.” ?

The Prophet Muhammad, I can see why he’d not reveal this information. I can imagine how the conversation would’ve gone:

Prophet: Oh by the way, I’ve been told that there is this huge reservoir in space far, far away! (The Prophet doesn’t use fucking huge in my imagination because I kinda like living.)

Follower 1: Da fuck!?!! You know where else that water would be better off being? THE FUCKING DESERT!!!

Fun fact: Any time the Prophet is referenced by practicing Muslims, it is followed by (peace be upon him). I didn’t use that because from my interpretation, it is recursive. It’ll end up looking like:

The Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him (peace be upon him (peace be upon him (……