I don’t normally devote posts to silly comments (ahem), but this one was too delicious to pass:

“He (Tendulkar) was scared of Shoaib. I have seen it myself. I was fielding at square leg and saw his legs trembling when Shoaib came on to bowl,” Afridi said, without elaborating on which match he was referring to.

India has prematurely outragulated but that’s not what I want to talk about. Let’s talk math.

First: He’s talking square leg, not short leg. He was standing about 20 meters from the batsman. If Afridi had near-perfect eyesight (let’s face it: he’s young enough to have a great eyesight.) then for the trembling to be visible to him, my calculation [with some assumptions like sin (small angle) = small angle and an oscillation of trembling equal to half a degree of viewing angle] says Tendulkar’s feet should have oscillated with an amplitude of 10 centimeters.

That doesn’t sound possible. The story might be true but based on merely Afridi’s testimony, I’m throwing it out as rubbish.