This is a beautiful video: Carl Sagan narrating an excerpt from his book Pale Blue Dot.

Link via Raghu.


At times I wonder why I even bother to share such videos. After all, the ones who see Carl’s point aren’t the ones bothering others on this planet. (I count you in this group.)

I share it so you can experience a few wonderful moments of contemplation.


No one answered the question I posted on religion & deep space. To me, the two topics ought to cause some discord in the mind. Likewise, in the context of Carl’s words, I would have loved to pose a question to those who have strong views about what rules ought to be imposed on others (gays, refugees, women). But I know the answer: They have two planes of thought, one which agrees with everything reasonable; the other owned by their beliefs.

There is no discord.

And so it goes on.