Check out the latest episode of The Dewarists. It is immensely satisfying. Zeb & Haniya, Swanand Kirkire and Shantanu Moitra are featured in this one titled Kya Khayaal Hai. Only a handful of (esp. Indian) singers have a good Urdu diction to use words like Khayaal. Zeb & Swanand are perfect.


Now Zeb is pretty and some might even say she is the cutest thing in the universe. I’ve been reading about astrophysics and this is ignorant and wrong: It should be observable universe.


This episode made me yearn so hard for peaceful Indo-Pak relations. Thanks to a few folks in public office who cannot see into the future and many more outside who can only see the past, I’m not holding my breath for that to happen anytime soon. In an ideal world the border would be open, hikers and travellers would explore and travel freely, music would flow across freely like the rivers (it still does to some extent), and those smitten by female Pakistani artists who’re the prettier half of a girl band would be able to see said celebrity in person.

None of these wishes are for myself, just for the greater good.