Meanwhile, in the U.S. of A. cops seriously injured a war veteran Scott Olsen at the Oakland Occupy Wall Street protests. When other protestors came to his help … watch for yourself:


This is just today’s police brutality video. There’s one story every day. Worse, it is unlikely the cop will ever be identified or punished. Atleast in India, we have a process in place to suspend and/or transfer cops.


I am beginning to wonder if those who don’t follow politics tend to be happier. I follow India and U.S. and both countries have some fundamental fuck-ups. Just knowing that is bad enough, but knowing that the political class has no incentive to fix things is worse. Things are not going to get better, not anytime soon. Finding solutions is the easiest part — for every problem there is atleast one obvious, simple, non-crazy solution. There is just no incentive though, and it is telling that I’m using incentive as opposed to will.

Don’t dismiss this as pessimism — it is the conclusion everyone will reach based on facts.

Perhaps I’d be more optimistic if I knew lesser. Then again, Republican candidates don’t seem happy.