Union health minister Ghulam Nabi Azad feels that an average Indian family should have a minimum of two children. Contrary to China’s one-child norm, or what Kerala is proposing like restricting couples from having more than two children, Azad on Saturday told TOI that the nation’s population problem isn’t that bad and couples can have “at least two children”.

On October 31, India will witness the birth of the world’s seventh billionth baby in Uttar Pradesh. Though the event is being celebrated, Azad said, “It’s not a matter of joy but a great worry. We shouldn’t be celebrating the birth of the seventh billionth child. India has 2.4% of the global landmass and around 18% of the global population. For us, a matter of joy will be when our population stabilizes.”

The population stabilizes when each couple has exactly two (and perhaps three for a handful of couples to offset the dead children) children and not “at least two children”.

Is that difficult math?