Every year thousands of gay kids are bullied in schools just for being gay. It led to Dan Savage starting the well-known It Gets Better campaign.

Today Michigan state senate passed an anti-bullying bill. The caveat?

The Michigan state Senate on Wednesday passed the “Matt’s Safe School Law,” an anti-bullying bill that contained a last minute addition by senate Republicans that essentially nullified the bill by allowing an exception to the law for “a sincerely held religious belief or moral conviction of a school employee, school volunteer, pupil, or a pupil’s parent or guardian.”

(The bill is pending approval in the Republican-led house.)

This is a deeply flawed bill and I cannot decouple the flaw from the religious beliefs of Michigan’s senators. It says you can bully a gay teen if your religion taught you homosexuality is wrong — which I’d wager a majority of religious people believe and a majority of the population is religious. It will take the death of another teen due to this loophole and/or national outrage to correct this blunder. I’m not very hopeful for this is the crazy wing of the Republican party.


If you’re religious, do you see now why atheists outrage at the very mention of religion? Religion makes people unaware of the crazy things they’re doing. At the very least, religious people have to stop righteously controlling other people’s lives and infringing upon their rights. Beyond that, nobody cares whom you pray to. Really.


OR if you are religious, how do you propose one must reach out to such lawmakers/citizens?

This question is like those signals SETI sends into deep space. I don’t expect an answer — it has been suggested to me that I might have scared religious readers long ago.