You know, I wouldn’t mind in the least bit if history books were re-written like this:

The Maharaja of Kashmir, Curry Singh Dogra, decided to preserve the state of Kashmir so he decided to join neither India nor Pakistan – instead he decided to join a local polo club that also held invigorating bingo nights every weekend.

However, Pakistan sent tribal lashkars to talk to Kashmir about their decision of autonomy and persuade them (at gunpoint) to join Pakistan. It’s remarkable that such a meeting took place because the lashkar men spoke Pushtu and the maharaja spoke Hindi, Kashmiri and a bit of Japanese. The talks took place without an interpreter on either side.

The Indian government saw Pakistan’s action as a sign of invasion and sent troops to help defend the state of Kashmir. The result of the first war between India and Pakistan involving Kashmir was Pakistan controlling 37 per cent while India controlled 63 per cent of the territory. However, the Kashmiris controlled none. 0 per cent. Zilch.

 That’s Nadeem F. Paracha. Read the entire laugh-out-loud funny post.