Later tonight, an asteroid will pass close to the earth and even closer to the moon. This is its path:

Asteroids appear scary but we owe a lot to them. Asteroids are how water, carbon life-forms and oxygen appeared on earth. They are also why dinosaurs are extinct today.

But yeah, a large enough asteroid can wipe out humans, atleast those living in cities.


If you knew a large asteroid was approaching earth, where would you go to stay safe? I gave it some thought. Anywhere near the sea level is foolish because tsunamis are certain and you don’t want to guess how far sea water will flow in; anywhere near mountains and you have to be careful about landslides. (I thought of a mountain but there’s a huge lake nearby. I don’t want to be near any major water source/dam either. Floods could be caused by severe earthquakes.)

A high altitude plain with no water body or mountains at a higher altitude nearby is ideal. Something like the Tibetan plateau. Around California, Grand Canyon is good. Far away from the rim, of course.

Give it some thought. It will save you precious minutes when you have to run for your life — and drive for 14 hours in my case, apparently.