This is medieval:

In an unprecedented intervention, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee stormed a Kolkata police station late last evening and forced the release of two members of her party arrested for rioting, arson and ransacking the police station about an hour earlier.

The police action came after the men — along with a mob of 300 — clashed with policemen from the Bhowanipore police station who had asked them not to burst high-decibel crackers late in the evening outside a cancer institute and a children’s hospital, and block both carriageways of S P Mukherjee Road, a major south Kolkata thoroughfare.

If you hoped for any action against Mamata Banerjee, you should know that the West Bengal police indicted their own policemen for the rioting inside the police station.


I don’t know why this shocked me. Every other Chief Minister would have made a phone call and the exact set of events would have followed. Mamata Banerjee just showed up in person.