This guy Rick Perry was, only a month ago, a serious contender for Republican nomination. In today’s debate, he had a moment that was frankly painful to even watch:


After following 10-odd Republican debates, I’m this close to staying away from them in the future. The debates were comical at one point; now the only after-thought I have after watching a debate is: This place is fucked. One party isn’t even pretending to care anymore.

I get and even respect ideological differences. With someone like Jon Huntsman (who will never be nominated), you can bring a thesis, hear his anti-thesis and design a synthesis. Or if not, walk away by agreeing to disagree.

But everyone else is a batshit-crazy hypocrite. Ron Paul is perhaps the most consistent candidate in ideology, and even he doesn’t appear to be interested in working with any other positions except his. You could have the perfect plan but it amounts to zero if you can’t convince and work with others.

And now I’m just parroting lines from the debate.