I trust the readers here to be intelligent and interested in discussing topics regardless of whether they are taboo. For over a year now, I have made a conscious attempt to not mention about posts here on Twitter or other blogs. Between you and I, we haven’t in a while attracted viewers that aren’t meant to be here.

I reckon we can now do away with the usual riders of caution while talking about offbeat topics.

The website VICE interviews Issei Sagawa, a Japanese cannibal. If the image of a tribal comes to your mind, you should know he is a writer and minor celebrity in Japan. In short, no different than you and I. Except for eating habits and fetishes perhaps.

Once you are done reading the interview, watch the video of a chat with Issei Sagawaa. It’s an experience. Do not miss the video. (Yes, there is gore and nudity.)

Link via Ady.


I’d love to hear if you felt anything of interest. The strangest part for me was that familiar words were put together in phrases and sentences that I had never seen or heard before. Issei’s instincts didn’t surprise me: For the number of people we have on earth, it is but natural to have outliers.

Adding the human element to cannibalism makes it fascinating. It is easy to think of cannibals as murderers who should be ostracized. Trying to understand their thought process makes you sympathetic to them. This makes you wonder if you are justifying their crime in your mind.

The gory pictures by themselves didn’t gross me out. It was like the killing of any other species–except this was closer to home. In that, there is a feeling it could be me! Perhaps this is how animals would react if they were shown the process of making a cheeseburger (and if they were intelligent to process these thoughts).


There are always going to be humans who have a natural urge to eat human flesh. If left by themselves, they might act on their instincts. Instead I wonder what something like a craigslist would effect. Someone who wants to die can decide if they want to be eaten by a cannibal. (An episode of The IT Crowd, a British sitcom, once used this very plot.)

This might not solve the problem: It is possible that the excitement of finding someone willing only makes a cannibal’s instincts stronger. The problem could worsen. I’m just thinking out loud.

Taking this further to something like rape: surely in a huge population there must be a handful of women who have a fetish for rape. How about putting them with those who have an urge to treat women roughly?

(Please do not disappoint me by pointing out facts about rape and murder and how I’m being a dick.)


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