By now you ought to have seen the flash mob in Mumbai. Meticulously planned and nice.

A similar attempt in Delhi was a damp squib:

There was disappointment in store for the participants when the flash mob performance at Janpath’s flea market was stopped barely 30 seconds after it began. Cops said the organizers had not taken permission from Delhi Police or the market association to hold the event there.

“They don’t have permission from authorities concerned to hold the event here. We received a complaint from the market association and that’s when we put a stop to it,” said a police officer.

(30 seconds from start of performance to complaint to stop is impressive.)


Some cops in Delhi are just not into this feel-good stuff. Back in ’08, a friend and I sought permission for the free hugs campaign at (what I recall was) Connaught Place. They did not like the idea even after we offered to modify it to alleviate their concerns.

We moved to a different place.