Like you, I watched the reactions to Kapil Sibal’s alleged dream of pre-screening the internet. It was easy to see that some of the reactions were at most paranoia. Sibal sat down with Karan Thapar on Devil’s Advocate a couple of days ago. Watch it if you are interested in the issue.

Free speech absolutists such as I will have some disagreement with Sibal but he is by and large reasonable. And that is important to acknowledge. At best this is a disagreement where one side (I) is not in control and the other side is in control but not being outrageous.

I can live with that.

Those five words are perhaps the most important life-lesson I have learnt recently. I don’t need to give a fuck about everything. I don’t need to be paranoid about everything that isn’t exactly how I want it to be.

And I don’t need to jump in with a pitchfork every time someone deviates from absolute free speech.