Where am I?

I’m in India now–a slightly longer visit for three weeks this time. This one’s for flying. Kamshet, a place about an hour from home, has perfect paragliding sites. I drive to Kamshet everyday in the morning, wait for good winds, fly if I do get those, and return home exhausted. I love it.

A short visit to Kerala also happened. You already ought to know this: Kerala is one of the most beautiful places in India. The greenery and easy access to nature had me. I had one fascinating encounter there that I want to tell you about. (Like, not now. Later.)

All this is one reason why the blog hasn’t been updated. The other, more relevant reason, is that I’m finding it hard to give a fuck about things happening around the world. As a fantastical new year wish, I want you all to experience not giving a fuck about everything happening in the world.


The Ecuador travelogue: It is 60% done, and it shaping up well (say those who are proof-reading it for me). Completing it is the first thing on my mind when I find the time–not because I promised it, but because I very much want it chronicled for myself. I hate to keep teasing you with only the fact that it was quite an experience.


Meanwhile, here’s a friend who made this video of his flying stint at Kamshet earlier this last year. Check out the stunning views and the surreal experience that is paragliding. (And unlike a friend please don’t reply with, “He could’ve chosen better music.” It might be a debate to be had but that’s not the point.)