This is an old article, once again about the Salman Rushdie incident. Abhinav Kumar, a serving IPS officer, writes a candid piece:

Events of recent times make me wonder, did I join the Indian Police Service or the Indian Ayatollah Service? I must have missed the fine print somewhere. I certainly did not sign up to be a mere storm trooper for the rich and the powerful and stay silent when the basic principles of the rule of law and equality before law are flouted with such impunity. A police force that will not act to do the right thing, that will dare not speak the truth to power, that will sacrifice the dignity of the individual to the baying of a frenzied mob, deserves neither public respect nor legal authority. We in the IPS would do well to remember these basic truths.


Of course, this doesn’t mean I’m waiting for things to change. I just appreciate good writing.