I very much recommend the weekly column Tweitgeist in the Sunday Guardian written by @over_rated. It is a weekly roundup of the hard work we put into Twitter. It is a bit like taking one final look at your poop before flushing it. Except @over_rated is the one having to look at your poop–every week. If you want a break from columnists who freak out (and worse, they want *you* to be equally freaked out) about something or the other every week, this is the column you ought to be reading.

Sports apparently was the Tweitgeist this week:

This short-lived buzz over hockey must have woken up the officials of our Olympic organisation committee. One minute they were stretching and rubbing out sleep from their eyes and the next minute somebody brought to their attention that there had been a large human tragedy in Bhopal in 1984, and that most of those victims are still suffering from ailments and a lack of justice. The committee must have been really moved by the plight of the victims because they were outraged enough to go on their annual pilgrimage to EmptyGestureland. They decided that the one thousand ‘officials’ accompanying our ten Olympic athletes would boycott the opening and closing ceremonies, unless the organisers removed Dow Chemicals — the current owner of the company responsible for the tragedy — as their main sponsor, Yes. That will show them! If they don’t listen to us and remove their main source of funds at the last minute, we will not attend an event at which we would have been barely noticed to begin with. Who do they think is organising the London Olympics, the ICC?

Read the whole thing, really.


I have known @over_rated for a while now and find him to be refreshing as a person. He is self-aware and yet doesn’t take himself too seriously. That is a rare combination.

And he hates to be called a ‘humorist’. So you know what to call him.