Plans for the ambitious space flight are being worked out at the Indian Space Research Organisation’s Antariksh Bhavan headquarters in Bangalore. Three hours drive away in Mysore, food technicians at the Defence Food Research Laboratory have started designing an Indian space menu keeping food weight and volume in mind.

The challenge: should the fare consist of a permutation of dosa-idli-uttappam-bisi bele bath or parantha-khichdi-roti-sabzi. The answer is pegged to whether the Indian to be launched into space is from the southern states or the north.

My vote is for the astronaut’s mom to decide what food she wants to send along with her son (or daughter). And since there are no pesky customs officials in space, throw in all the pickles you want.


Look I get that if we’re sending an Indian astronaut into space, it might as well be with Indian food. But there’s something funny about this conundrum making it to the news.