The third rape in Delhi/Noida in as many days makes you pause and think, even if the outcome amounts to nothing.

This detail stuck out:

Noida Police, however, refused to register a case since the woman was abducted in Ghaziabad. On Tuesday evening, she was sent to Vijay Nagar police station where a case against the four accused was registered.

It doesn’t surprise me; it shouldn’t surprise you.


I fear for women living in Delhi reading such reports every other day. I can’t imagine what they must be going through. They must already be taking precautions, and rightly want the law to provide better security.

But that’s where I hit a wall: What does better security mean? At what point in the above incident would better security have stopped the rapists?


Cops in Gurgaon have reacted by enforcing a law barring women from working after 8 p.m. They have other brilliant ideas like installing CCTVs in bars and restaurants–presumably to watch a rape happen on a CRT TV now.

It feels terrible that there are millions of women living around incompetent cops and feudal men.


Upfront, the cops are dicks and incompetent. This is in no way meant to defend them. The rest of this discussion is *not* for those heavily invested in this issue. It is an objective conversation and can come across as insensitive. If you feel anger, you must not blame me.

I think it is tough to police a feudal society. Parts of northern India, I’m sorry to say, come across as feudal. There are men who think of women as moving objects to insert their dick in. They think physical force wins and are drunk on power. This points to a feudal mindset.

(Those with good reading comprehension will note that what I said doesn’t necessarily mean those from the South do not exhibit similar characteristics.)

In light of this fact, I don’t see how (incompetent) cops are going to make their jurisdictions safe for women. Until we find and fix the root cause, I can see how DIY methods can be more effective. Anti-rape devices, small weapons, self-defense. Then again, you shouldn’t trust me with your ‘modesty’.

Now let’s consider the often vilified statement: Women wearing fashionable dresses cause increased incidents of rapes.

To see if this sentence is true, let’s  take two identical cities: One where women always dress in, let’s say, sarees. Another where women wear, let’s say, tank-tops and thigh-length skirts. The men in the cities are all feudal; the cops are incompetent.

Which city do you think will have more incidents of rape? Does your answer qualify the statement under consideration to be true, if dresses are just one variable?

And does the answer make you look at possible solutions in a different manner?

(I was about to write my answers, then I realized I have zero interest in making this post go viral–the explicit warning notwithstanding.)


I’d like to end with this question: How do we change the feudal mindset of a population? Education doesn’t seem to have helped. Any other ideas?