First things first, Rabbi Shergill’s new album is out. Rabbi III. I like the songs but I’m waiting for their translations to really fall in love with them.

While searching for translations, I came across his performance at TEDxDelhi. The performance is likable but his short talk at the start is simply profound. He talks about today’s social pressure for creativity and the need for lethargy instead. Lethargy or laziness–as he calls it–does not include lack of experiences.

Watch it:


He translates a few lines of Ganga, a song from Rabbi III. I already like the song so much more than I did without the translation.

Here’s to Rabbi Shergill. He validates my life philosophies.


Frankly, all I’ve learnt in all these years is that life is amazing if you run after experiences. Don’t worry about things falling in place in the future: You can only see how things fell in place in hindsight. (And if things don’t fall in place, who gives a fuck anyway?)

Anything that you do, you will enjoy it a million times more with richer life experiences. That is why I travel, why I hike, why I fly. I may not be but I sure feel wiser.

I mentioned in passing recently that I’m not writing as often because I have little to say. Everything that I have to say these days is ‘Don’t care about these things you don’t need to care about. Go get some experiences.’

As a reader, you don’t want to read that at the end of every post, do you?

A word about what I mean when I say experiences. It really just means feelings you haven’t experienced before. Once you decide to go after experiences, decision making is so much simpler. You always choose the option that is a better experience–where better is decided by your past-experiences.

For instance: Let’s say you’re planning to go skiing a weekend but your friends have dropped out. Further, you feel tired on Friday evening. What do you do? You drive to the mountains alone to ski. That is a better experience than staying at home for the weekend.

Another example: You could go for lunch to your usual restaurant or you could go to this new place that someone once recommended and has infiltrated your thoughts now. What do you do? You go to the new place as that is a better experience.

Another one: You hike up a tall cliff and see the stellar views. When it’s time to return, you could take the same trail back down or you could jump off the cliff (even though are certain to die). What do you do? Trick question. You learn some form of flying–paragliding or BASE jumping. And then jump.

Edit: .. where you above is I.