Prepare to choke up just a wee bit:


Someone has to say this and I am someone so I’ll say it: This has to stop. These guys from all over the world who’re coming up with heartwarming proposals and uploading them to YouTube are spoiling it for the everyone else! They’re raising the bar too high. Think about it: No proposal involving mere words is going to be anywhere close to these awesome proposals. If you’re a guy who is aware of these awesome ways to propose and still don’t do it, you probably don’t love your girl.

And girls, here’s the truth: The proposal you get is going to be lamer (way, way lamer) than the above one. Might I recommend not watching such videos henceforth? You will thank me the day you get your proposal. And don’t for a second believe the It’s the feeling that matters crap. If your guy felt immense love, he’d do something awesome.