Take a moment and see the devastation caused by one of the several recent wildfires in Colorado.

I crossed the town of Colorado Springs yesterday night less than48 hours after these pictures were taken. The fires in the city area were under control but the unmistakeable odour of smoke and ash was present for miles. Thousands of acres of forest land are burning and nowhere close to being contained. The residents of Colorado Springs were hoping that the wind didn’t switch directions and cause havoc, like it did a couple of days ago.


Right now I’m at Alamosa, a pretty town at the foothills of a few 14ers. If things go well, a friend and I will summit a few 14ers in this area over the weekend. This area also houses the Great Sand Dunes National Park. A stunning landscape from what I hear. Visiting it doesn’t look possible but we will probably catch a glimpse of the dunes from above 14,000 ft.