Like everyone else, I stopped following the Indian version of Coke Studio after the first few episodes last year. But have you seen the second season yet?  It kicks major ass! Here’s Nadia from the episode produced by Nitin Sawhney:


I first heard Nadia a couple of months ago. Then, it was just a track from his album Beyond Skin. But there was something different–it felt good different–about the female vocalist. Today I realized she’s a white girl from London.


The big change at Coke Studio India is that it has switched to a multi-producer format. The first four episodes were produced by Piyush Mishra, Hitesh Sonik, Amit Trivedi and Nitin Sawhney respectively. By produced, I think they mean arranged. Either way, I’m happy.

When I first heard Coke Studio (Pakistan) I felt like India could very well gather talent and create good music as well. But I didn’t quite know what I wanted from Coke Studio India. I think I’ve found the answer and it’s pretty close to what season 2 offers. Go get the music.

But of course, they had to pull off a dick move and not offer easy way of downloading the music.