Another winner from the second season of Coke Studio @ MTV:


P.S. Coke Studio describes the song thus:

This is a song about transformation. It talks about the various phases of transformation in a girl’s life and the changes they bring. This song showcases four fantastic female singers, Shruti Pathak, Shilpa Rao, Apeksha Dandekar and Monali Thakur. Shruti Pathank has also written the lyrics to the song.

Four fantastic female singers indeed. Each one of them looks so incredibly beautiful in their solo parts. And I’m not talking about looks. Art has a rather peculiar way of making everyone look so much more beautiful than what their looks have granted them.

Good art, may I add. Bad art has the opposite effect.


Who else has a crush on Monali Thakur after watching this song? That demure look, and the bit between 3:24 and 3:34 has to be among the more adorable things in the universe. (The irony of course is that, that exact bit also shows her ring prominently. Sigh.)

See her owning Dil Cheez here. She is so much better than what her oeuvre suggests.