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If I may recommend yet another activity, go snorkeling or scuba diving at a place with rich aquatic life. Galapagos in South America and Andaman in India are two places I know.

Just once, enter the strange world under the sea. Forget you don’t belong there. With a snorkel or a diving mask, you will soon realize that you don’t need to breathe as much. Breathe as little as you can. Feel every breath of air you inhale. Be meditative. Use little energy. Slow down to the pace of the life around you. And be an observer.

Tell me how it goes.

It might not be as life changing as this, but it won’t be too far off.


It’s all I did during my week at Galapagos: Eat, sleep, snorkel, hike. For four days straight. And I was living on a boat with some incredible people for company. An Israeli guy who left home after his 30th birthday. He called himself a writer. He had lived quite a life travelling around the world. He discussed philosophy at ease—not a trait I come across often. We would speak for hours as the boat sailed on at night, almost comparing life notes. An Australian guy who was travelling for his 18th month straight. He almost had a strange connection with nature. He was convinced that he did. I wasn’t entirely convinced about that, but I was that it was real for him. A young German couple. To me, they represented normalcy—the good kind—but I still didn’t want it. And a father-daughter duo from New Zealand. Both wonderful.

I vividly recall every detail of that trip almost a year later. That’s one mark of a great experience.