I’m hooked onto this song:


From what I gather, PSY is the Devang Patel of South Korea. This song is a satirical take on Gangnam district in South Korea, a trendy and affluent suburb where anything perceived as Western is popular. For instance, yoga, saunas, and walking backwards (#Win!).

If you’re uncontrollably addicted to it as well, the next step is the female version of Gangnam Style featuring HyunA. The first time you hear it, HyunA’s voice will be the most annoying thing you’ve ever heard. With repeated listens, you’ll like it. I’m told she takes on a high-pitched voice to imitate Gangnam girls. That sounds plausible. Here’s HyunA in one of her hits, a foot-tapping addictive number called “Bubble Pop!“. She sounds much better.


This entire meme began a few days ago with a thread on Reddit featuring a security guard, who is the winnest of ’em all:


Who else is buying (or downloading) some South Korean music today?

P.S. I can’t say I haven’t tried to practice that signature dance step of Gangnam Style. With two left feet and fifteen minutes, I now can do a rather bad rendition. So you can too!