Ravi Dangi, in his early 20s, was stabbed in Rajendra Nagar locality here yesterday afternoon after he along with his friend Ankit took on four youths who allegedly passed lewd remarks at the girl and tried to outrage her modesty.

 The assailants, two of whom have been identified as Sanju and Arun, mercilessly beat up Ravi and Ankit, both students of B.Com, before stabbing Ravi.

 Bleeding profusely, Ravi was rushed to Rajendra Nagar police station by his friends.

 His friends and family, including father Suresh Dangi, alleged that Ravi lay bleeding for over an hour as policemen completed formalities.

 The story doesn’t specify why Ravi was taken to a police station instead of a hospital.


If citizens come across stories like the one above more often, ads such as this will soon be in the fantasy-realm. We already face the risk of widespread public apathy which is an even worse outcome of such incidents.

With social issues, most societies are turning more liberal and things are improving. But with public indifference, we can’t make such an assumption. I don’t have facts to back me up but my contention is that people now are more likely to stay away from trouble and show indifference than in the past. There are few things that make a citizen want to step into an unpleasant situation: support of onlookers, quick response by cops, swift medical attention (with no paperwork in an emergency), hassle-free legal procedures, assumption that the culprit is unlikely to carry any weapons. As confidence in each of these factors reduces, survival instinct takes over.

To their credit, cops are making an effort to assure citizens that they won’t be hassled if they help victims. However, I am—as I’m sure you are as well—not sure about the reality because we seldom hear success stories of hassle-free procedures. And even if it were true, it only addresses one of the many factors.


Wait .. why am I enlisting problems that we all know exist?