I’m still in two minds whether to write about my time at Burning Man or not. Regardless of whichever way I go, I’d like to share something I learnt there.

Think of coincidences or miracles—whichever way you look at things—that seem to happen in your everyday like. Theists call coincidences miracles; atheists call miracles coincidences. As an atheist, sometimes I hesitate to call something a coincidence because it feels so much more than a mere coincidence. Yet, I don’t want to assign a divinity to it by calling it a miracle or destiny.

And then I learnt a word: Synchronicity.

When I first heard it, it took me a few seconds to have the epiphany: it was so simple, so beautiful and so devoid of connotation. How could I have not discovered this earlier?


Guess who taught me this? A girl who only ever studied till the eighth grade, and who happens to be a stripper.

People will never cease to be amazing.