Let’s continue with topics I am biologically unqualified to talk about.

Here’s someone explaining how menstruation feels like. Women will find nothing new in it (feel free to be curious though), but I encourage guys to read it. I came back with some new perspective and understanding.


For what it’s worth, I recommend empathizing with women without mentioning you read a great article on the internet about women having periods.

Do: If you know she’s menstruating, be as accommodating as you can.

Don’t: “You seem to be in pain. Is the blood clot hurting your vagina?”


For the number of millennia we two sexes have spent with each other, we ought to have a better understanding of each other. Next in the series: What guys think when they’re surfing porn. (I suppose the reason no guy has written it yet is because the subject matter is distracting. Ahem.)