Remember Isaac Lamb’s wonderful proposal video? He’s back with another one to make you teary eyed (oh come on, it can’t be just me!):


There is an immense pride with which they present their familial relationships. If you see the value in such relationships, this is how you ought to flaunt them. If you’re in, you go all in. We can’t have measured feelings and call ourselves the society with the strongest family bonds.

Speaking for myself, I cannot identify with most relationships besides the immediate family. Frankly, I’d be uncomfortable with so many relatives around me. But it is always a delight to be around close-knit families, whether while travelling or back home. Family gives them happiness, they have realized as much and embraced it well.

Seeing someone who has figured out their pathway to happiness can’t be anything but fulfilling.


These days I’m eager to watch good movies that make me teary eyed (the bar for that is a bit high). My biggest gripe about that excellent movie Silver Linings Playbook was “but .. but it didn’t make me choke up!” This is so ironic considering all those years of being dickish about even mildly sentimental stuff.

Anyway, what I’m trying to say is pass on those tissues and movie recommendations.