The Justice Verma Committee report, something the Anti-Rape Bill was asked to be based on, recommended reducing the age of consent from the existing eighteen to sixteen. You can read about it on pages 443 and 444 here. [Warning:PDF link]

The BJP and TNC blocked it:

Trinamool and BJP are objecting to a lower age of consent on the ground that this is in conflict with “conservative norms” of Indian society.

I disagree but fair point.


My next thought was—and it ought to be obvious why—When did Rama get married? It’s hard to know for sure but after a bit of searching, the most generous estimates put the age of Rama at around 16 and Sita at just below 16.

Hey BJP/TNC, you know who was doing it before 18? And you know who was probably guilty of statutory rape at some point?


You should know that there is a heated debate about how old Sita was when she was married. There is one group which claims she was really young (around 12). It is easy to see why this group is consists of liberals hell bent on tarnishing Hinduism, the best religion eva! The other group is trying hard to put together incomplete pieces of information from various versions of the Ramayana because nowhere is this clearly cited. Damn you, Valmiki! You had one job!

This group insists it is around 16 which is reasonable in today’s world as well.

Then there’s a third group which takes the short-cut to hilarity without getting caught up in integers below 20:

But Ramji didn’t send Sitaji immediately for exile. They lived happily for 10,000 years and then Sitaji became pregnant.


I find these so you don’t have to.