It’s a day, so someone is outraged at something Chetan Bhagat wrote.

This time around Chetan Bhagat wrote a Letter From an Indian Muslim Youth. HOW COULD HE SPEAK ON BEHALF OF ALL MUSLIMS?!?! (He didn’t.) AND DO THAT IN BAD ENGLISH?! That was the gist of the critiques.

Hey if critiques can reduce arguments, critiques of critiques sure as hell can.

Look, Chetan Bhagat should not be immune to critique but everyone deserves a smart critique. So I’m jumping in—with what else, but a meme that in my opinion is the main feature of Chetan’s thoughts: They are simplistic.

That in itself doesn’t mean he is wrong, but it does mean he is very meme-worthy.

Presenting: Simply Simplistic Chetan.

These two are verbatim from his article: