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Here’s something right about humanity:


and something wrong.

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On the subject of minimalism, see these minimal Bollywood posters by Akshar Pathak.

Very clever.

This is the creepiest thing I’ve read in a while.


A couple of months ago, I wrote about how the earth might experience frequent coronal mass ejections in 2012.

There’s one coming our way on the 21st or 22nd, depending on where you live. The poles will witness gorgeous auroras (different from Gorgeous Aroras, a fraternity in South Delhi) but we know little about the potential damage in terms of communication and satellite failures.

Now is the time to tell your loved ones how much you really hate them.

By now you ought to have seen the flash mob in Mumbai. Meticulously planned and nice.

A similar attempt in Delhi was a damp squib:

There was disappointment in store for the participants when the flash mob performance at Janpath’s flea market was stopped barely 30 seconds after it began. Cops said the organizers had not taken permission from Delhi Police or the market association to hold the event there.

“They don’t have permission from authorities concerned to hold the event here. We received a complaint from the market association and that’s when we put a stop to it,” said a police officer.

(30 seconds from start of performance to complaint to stop is impressive.)


Some cops in Delhi are just not into this feel-good stuff. Back in ’08, a friend and I sought permission for the free hugs campaign at (what I recall was) Connaught Place. They did not like the idea even after we offered to modify it to alleviate their concerns.

We moved to a different place.

The headline says:

Anna demands Bharat Ratna for Sachin Tendulkar

The article says:

Anti-corruption activist Anna Hazare on Wednesday said Sachin Tendulkar should be conferred with the Bharat Ratna, joining a long list of admirers who have demanded the country’s top civilian honour for the cricketer.

“Sachin Tendulkar is an icon for Indian youth. He has made India proud with his exploits in cricket. I feel he deserves the Bharat Ratna,” the anti-graft crusader said after inaugurating a tennis tournament in memory of his late mother Laxmibai at his native village Ralegan Siddhi.

See any discord there between demands and I feel he deserves?


Agencies are credited for this news report; all news websites have the same article. Details are scant — we don’t even know if he said this by himself or he was asked the question, “Do you think Sachin deserves the Bharat Ratna?” Big difference.

Everyone reads news headlines and moves along these days. Only headlines are posted at micro-blogging sites like Twitter. It is likely that many out there read the headline and are now under the assumption that Hazare is a megalomaniac, based on this report.

Not that I care.


Union health minister Ghulam Nabi Azad feels that an average Indian family should have a minimum of two children. Contrary to China’s one-child norm, or what Kerala is proposing like restricting couples from having more than two children, Azad on Saturday told TOI that the nation’s population problem isn’t that bad and couples can have “at least two children”.

On October 31, India will witness the birth of the world’s seventh billionth baby in Uttar Pradesh. Though the event is being celebrated, Azad said, “It’s not a matter of joy but a great worry. We shouldn’t be celebrating the birth of the seventh billionth child. India has 2.4% of the global landmass and around 18% of the global population. For us, a matter of joy will be when our population stabilizes.”

The population stabilizes when each couple has exactly two (and perhaps three for a handful of couples to offset the dead children) children and not “at least two children”.

Is that difficult math?


Cases of sexual exploitation of minor girls jumped from 237 in 2009 to 679 in 2010, a 186.5% increase. West Bengal reported 200 cases, followed by Bihar (152).

Not a good year for women .. or for Delhi:

Delhi retained its tag of the country’s rape capital, topping the list of 35 major cities in the country reporting the highest number of rape cases (414) in 2010. Mumbai was next with 194 cases, followed by Pune (91), Jabalpur, Bhopal and Jaipur.

I think Delhi was asking for it with those high testosterone guys roaming in the streets.


Note: Delhi’s rape capital status could just be more cases being reported.


Congress leader Digvijaya Singh now targetted Spiritual Guru Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and alleged that the RSS was using Team Anna. The spiritual guru though refused to be drawn into an exchange with the Congress.

Digvijaya Singh and his RSS-tourette was outrageous at one point, then it turned funny, then sad. Now I just want to put him down in pity.

From the PhotoBlog at MSNBC:

The description says:

Scenes from a marriage: Indian woman cares for aging husband

Kalyani Das, 60, ties her husband Pachugopal, 65, to the metal bars of a train window using a chain and padlocks as they travel from Mallickpur village where they live to Kolkata where she works Sept. 19. Kalyani Das said her husband suffers from a mental disorder; the condition started seven years ago due to family problems, and she chains him to prevent him from abusing her and running away while she works. Kalyani, who earns 50 Indian Rupees a day ($1.05) working at a roadside eatery, said she wishes for his death so that their suffering could end. She was married to Pachugopal at the age of 10 and has been married for 50 years, Kalyani said.

Reality is complex. Life is unfair.

But neither of them promised otherwise.


I bookmarked this story a month ago and still can’t get it out of my head.