Disclaimer : These are not the literal ‘frequently asked questions’ (to be honest, they have never been asked). In fact, only a few people seem to read this blog and none are interested in any questions. These questions are just figments of my imagination where I imagine myself to be a huge blogstar (a la rockstar Himesss) with hordes of fans thronging me and bombarding me with questions.

1. Who are you ?
A. [Answer redacted]

2. Ok I liked your blog. Now what ?

A. Nothing. Just keep visiting. But in case you are a software engineer, you could tell your friends (if you have any) about this blog or tweet about it, just as god intended. I do not make any money out of this blog, so your inner conscience should not prevent you from helping me spread the word around.

3. Ok. I did not like your blog. Now what ?
A. Nothing. But now you can tell the ones you don’t like about this blog. You see, I want it to be a win-win situation for me.

4. What kind of posts can we expect ?
A. The most concise description is : An Indian’s perception of everything.

5. Is there some better way of receiving the content of this blog instead of visiting it every now and then ?
A: Subscribe to the content. Details here.

7. What is with you and Raj Thackeray ?
A. Absolutely nothing. We’re just friends.

8. What is it with you and ‘any XYZ’ ?
A. Same as above.

9. Why do you ‘hit on everyone’ (which is Indian English for ‘Why do you write satire about everyone’) ?
A. I come from a city where people learn satire, black humour, sarcasm and criticism before they can even speak. Hint: The city name starts with a P and ends with a une.

10. Do I know you ?
A. If you had to ask this, perhaps I wanted the answer to be no.

11. I cannot find you on Facebook! I want to add you as a friend to increase my friend count [:(] !
A. I do not actively use Facebook or Orkut. In fact, I am currently being considered for an award called “the least socially active person”, with no competition whatsoever that I am afraid an anti-trust lawsuit is just around the corner.

12. How did you land up here ?
A. Obedient baby -> troublesome child -> non-geeky student -> bookworm -> musician -> film lover -> amateur philosopher -> geeky coder -> patriot -> avid trekker -> ecstatic Stanford admit holder -> non-ecstatic international student -> writing.
That pretty much sums up my journey till here.

13. Where the hell is question 6 ?
A. Here.