Seen in reverse chronological order :

15th Oct. ’12: The Intouchables.

15th Oct. ’12: Mean Girls.

6th Oct. ’12: Dr. Strangelove or How I learnt To Stop Worrying and Love The Bomb.

5th Oct. ’12: The Dictator.

5th Oct. ’12: Lolita.

1st Oct. ’12: The Shining.

30th Sep. ’12: 2001: A Space Odyssey.

23rd Sep. ’12: A Clockwork Orange.

18th Sep. ’12: Donnie Darko.

26th Mar. ’12: Hugo.

25th Mar. ’12: The Adventures Of Tintin.

20th Mar. ’12: Midnight In Paris.

13th Mar. ’12: The Ides Of March.

10th Mar. ’12: The Hours.

8th Mar. ’12: Johnny English Reborn.

3rd Feb. ’12: The Descendants.

10th Jan. ’12: Crazy Stupid Love.

10th Jan. ’12: 127 Hours.

26th Dec. ’11: Black Swan.

26th Dec. ’11: Friends With Benefits.

26th Dec. ’11: Die Hard.

25th Dec. ’11: Larry Crowne.

25th Dec. ’11: Hangover 2.

14th Nov. ’11: Half Nelson. (Not predictable, great performances. Made me think about the other side of America that I hardly interact with.)

13th Nov. ’11: Drive. (Stylish heist film with catchy retro music. Do not miss.)

12th Nov. ’11: True Grit. (A nice journey into the old American West. Great performances.)

11th Nov. ’11: Kung Fu Panda 2. (Better than meh.)

10th Nov. ’11: Kung Fu Panda. (Meh.)

9th. Nov. ’11: Waltz With Bashir. (A poignant anti-war film; will leave you stunned at the end.)

5th Nov. ’11: Bridesmaids. (Well-written comedy that must be seen. It is not a female Hangover.)

30th Oct. ’11: Horrible Bosses. (Funny movie that is funny.)

30th Oct. ’11: Damadamm. (Better than Ra.One, but that’s just my opinion.)

29th Oct. ’11: Ra.One (Still trying to figure out who’d love it.)

20th Oct. ’11: How To Train Your Dragon. (Cute, sweet typical Disney movie.)

3rd Oct. ’11: The Fall. (Stunning, stunning visuals! Watch it for just that.)

2nd Oct. ’11: Inside Job. (How the 2008 recession happened. Not Michael Mooresque. Thankfully.)

1st Oct. ’11: Delhi Belly. (Not the greatest movie out there, but thoroughly enjoyable. Blink and you will miss the funniest bits.)

18th Jul. ’11: Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara. (Thoughts here.)

12th Mar. ’11: Do Dooni Char (Northies might like it better; I liked it towards the end.)

14th Dec. ’10: Mumbai Pune Mumbai. (Fun timepass Marathi movie. I thought Punekars would like it better, but it appears that I am wrong.)

15th Nov. ’10: Toy Story 3.

14th Nov. ’10: Toy Story 2.

13th Nov. ’10: Toy Story.

11th Nov. ’10: Outsourced. (Better than the series by the same name.)

10th Nov. ’10: Kajraare. (Guilty pleasure.)

20th Oct. ’10: Iron Man 2.

19th Oct. ’10: Iron Man.

17th Oct. ’10: Udaan.

15th Oct. ’10: The Pianist.

13th Oct. ’10: Dead Man Walking.

5th Oct. ’10: North Face.

4th Oct. ’10: Peepli [Live]

3rd oct. ’10: Three Colors: Red.

2nd Oct ’10: Three Colors: White.

1st Oct. ’10: Three Colors: Blue.

21st Sep. ’10: Objectified.

20th Sep. ’10: Good Will Hunting.

4th Sep. ’10: The Day I Became A Woman.

16th Aug. ’10 : My Name Is Khan.

15th Aug. ’10 : Pretty Woman.

3rd Apr. ’10 : Notting Hill (Say what you want about the movie, but Spike is one of the funniest characters ever written)

1st Apr. ’10 : Julie and Julia (Decent movie. Oscar nominations baffle me)

26th Mar. ’10 : A prophet (French prison movie. One of the better movies I’ve seen of late. Crisp writing, IMO).

13th Mar. ’10 : Invictus. (Well-made movie with restrain; Morgan Freeman and Clint Eastwood do what they do best)

12th Mar. ’10 : The Blind Side. (Thoughts here)

11th Mar. ’10 : Vicki Christina Barcelona. (Theme is relationships and personalities; it is a very interesting watch)

1st Mar. ’10 : Ishqiya (thoughts here).

28th Feb. ’10 : The Hurt Locker (Superb drama/thriller. Absolute must-watch)

27th Feb. ’10 : Up In The Air (Good movie but the subject couldn’t be taken any further than that)

20th Feb. ’10 : Natrang (review here)

6th Feb. ’10 : Front of the Class (review here)

31st Jan. ’10 : Harishchandrachi Factory (review here)

26th Jan. ’10 : Chinatown (It’s already a classic, I can’t add more. Jack Nicholson & Roman Polanski in form)

20th Jan. ’10 : Baran (Simple, honestly made movie. My first Majid Majidi movie; intend to watch others too)

16th Jan. ’10 : Sita Sings the Blues (Some bits are hilarious and well written — watch this movie for those. The songs get monotonous.)

15th. Jan. ’10 : Zombieland (A funny, one-time watch)

14th Jan. ’10 : The Blue Umbrella (review here)

11th Jan. ’10 : Sankat City (somewhere between good and bad. Watch it to make up your mind)

11th Jan. ’10 : Big (Had seen this previously, but worth a watch again. Not a great movie, but very watchable)

11th Jan. ’10 : Love Aaj Kal (borders on bad, but not fully there)

9th Jan. ’10 : Rooster’s Breakfast (Petelinji Zajtrk) (Slovenian movie. Simple story and engaging watch)

9th Jan. ’10 : Rita (decent overall, but you can watch it just for the background music by Taufiq Qureshi).

8th Jan. ’10 : Island Etude (Lian xi ku) (Taiwanese road-trip film. Completely worth the watch, plus I’m a sucker for travel movies)

5th Jan. ’10 : De Dana Dan (couldn’t watch beyond 20 mins. If you did, claim your respect)

3rd Jan ’10 : 3 Idiots (review here)

25th Dec. ’09 : Ice Age : Dawn of the dinosaurs (watch if you have nothing else to do).

25th Dec. ’09 : Finding Nemo (well made, nothing beyond that).

25th Dec. ’09 : District 9 (starts very slowly, but the graph shoots up towards the end. Worth a watch).

17th Dec. ’09 : Rocket Singh – Salesman of the year. (review here)

13th Dec. ’09 : Before Sunset (review here)

11th Dec. ’09 : Before Sunrise (review here)

6th Dec. ’09 : Taken (a good thriller, but nowhere near a Bourne Ultimatum).

6th Dec. ’09 : Radio (review here)

4th Dec.’ 09 : Paa (review here)

21st Nov. ’09 : Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (No one has lost even a bit of touch since the last movie 20 years back — Lucas, Spielberg, Ford. Engaging movie, would make you nostalgic about the older good Jones’ movies).

20th Nov. ’09 : 2012 (review here)

19th Nov. ’09 : Up (review here)

18th Nov. ’09 : Inglourious Basterds (review here)

16th Nov. ’09 : Yard Sale (review here)

10th Nov. ’09 : Ajab Prem Ki Gazab Kahani (review here).

25th Oct. ’09 : Blue (review here).

24th Oct. ’09 : Bombay to Goa (some insane flick with all contestants of the Great Indian Laughter Challenge. Avoid if you have a life).

18th Oct. ’09 : Passage (review here).

18th Oct. ’09 : Touching the Void (review here)

17th Oct. ’09 : All The Best (review here)

11th Oct. ’09 : Wake Up Sid (review here)

28th Sep. ’09 : Quick Gun Murugan (a one-time watch, just average)

Sep. 20th. ’09 : Wanted (review here)

18th Sep. ’09 : Dil Bole Hadippa (Decently good by Yashraj standards. High on loud and irritating Pujabosterone, be warned.)

12th Sep. ’09 : Daddy Cool (I have no idea why I saw this one. 3 laugh out aloud moment in a comedy movie of 2 1/2 hrs. Do the math)

6th Sep. ’09 : Chintuji (Nice, warm movie. Hamming by Rishi Kapoor. Go for Welcome to Sajjanpur instead)

2nd Sep. ’09 : Bruno (Very funny. Less than Borat maybe. Not for people who don’t like gross content)

29th Aug. ’09 : Kaminey (Very good entertainer. Not a masterpiece, not brilliant. Shahid is very good, but I can’t recall when he wasn’t sincere in a role)

23rd Aug. ’09 : Yes Man (Nice, small, sweet movie. Don’t expect too much, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised)

23rd Aug. ’09 : Valkyrie (Decent, one-time watch. If you haven’t seen it, just let it go)

23rd. Aug ’09 : Forrest Gump (Always a pleasure to watch. With all its deserving awards, no review of this one)

15th Aug. ’09 : Elizabeth (Engaging enough to not get bored. That’s all)

15th Aug. ’09 : Revolutionary Road (Kate tries too hard to do great acting, but Leonardo is better. The movie is slow, but acting keeps it going)

15th Aug. ’09 : Million Dollar Baby (Hillary Swank totally pwns this role. Supporting cast great too. Very nice movie)

8th Jun ’09 : The Hangover (Not a bad movie, but not too funny either. Old School is way better).

20th May ’09 : Religulous (review here)

17th May ’09 : 99 (review expected soon)

15th May ’09 : Flavors (review here)

9th May ’09 : The Day My God Died (review here)

24th Apr. ’09 : Firaaq (very slow, badly put together, some stories are almost pointless. No idea why it is acclaimed).

22nd Apr. ’09 : Barah Aana (one dimensional plot and slow unravelling. Brilliant acting though).

10th Apr. ’09 : Straight (give it a straight miss).

15th Mar. ’09 : Gulaal (review here).

14th Mar. ’09 : Dev D (review here).

1st Mar. ’09 : The Stoneman Murders (review here)

28th Feb. ’09 : The Reader (slow but worth it. Theme isn’t obvious from the plot).

27th Feb. ’09 : Kisse Pyaar Karoon.

26th Feb.’ 09 : Trainspotting (review here)

26th Feb. ’09 : Requiem for a dream (review here)

24th Feb. ’09 : Dilli 6 (review here)

16th Feb. ’09 : Ankahee (Remember the Aftab, Amisha, Esha Deol starrer supposedly on the life of Sushmita Sen ? Falls short of a B-grade flick but waaaay short of an A-grade one).

15th Feb. ’09 : Billu (Priyadarshan tries his best to mess it up like his other “comedies”, but Irfan shines and the last 30 mins is a treat).

14th Feb. ’09 : The President is Coming (yes again, that should tell something about the movie).

13th Feb. ’09 : The President is Coming (review here).

12th Feb. ’09 : Che : Part One (review coming up).

3rd Feb. ’09 : Luck By Chance (review here).

2nd Feb. ’09 : Wafaa (review here).

29th Jan. ’09 : Man on Wire (Decent documentary about Philippe Petit).

10th Jan. ’09 : The Curious Case of Benjamin Button (technically brilliant, but did someone just say great movie ?).

9th Jan. ’09 : The Wrestler (This is the Anti-Slumdog Millionaire in emotions and feel-good factor).

28th Dec. ’08 : Ghajini (Review here).

27th Dec. ’08 : Oh My God ! (I really have no work).

27th Dec. ’08 : Welcome to Sajjanpur (Again).

27th Dec’ 08 : Aamir (Again).

26th Dec. ’08 : Slumdog Millionaire (Again)

26th Dec. ’08 : Oh My God ! (Yeah again)

15th Dec. ’08 : The Usual Suspects (I was cursing myself for having seen Chocolate and spoiling this great movie for myself !)

14th Dec. ’08 : Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi (Detailed review here)

13th Dec. ’08 : Se7en (My second viewing. Morgan Freeman never fails to impress.)

10th Dec. ’08 : Oh My God ! (Theatrical towards the end, so depends on your choice. But entertaining throughout.)

30th Nov. ’08 : Sorry Bhai ! (An absolute delight ! With brilliant acting all over).

29th Nov. ’08 : Dasvidaniya (Yes this is the third time !)

28th Nov. ’08 : Oye Lucky Lucky Oye (Confused about what exactly to say, but surely worth a watch)

25th Nov. ’08 : Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade (Probably the worst of the three until now. And I need a break from Indiana Jones !).

24th Nov. ’08 : Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom (Non-stop action comedy thriller. Why do people hate this ??).

24th Nov. ’08 : Some Like It Hot (Good but surely not the best).

23rd Nov. ’08 : Quantum of Solace (Not a Casino Royale and not even an average Bond movie).

22nd Nov. ’08 : Indiana Jones : Raiders of the Lost Ark (You don’t need CGI for a great action movie).

22nd Nov. ’08 : Yuvvraaj (Remind me why I saw this ?).

21st Nov. ’08 : Kill Bill vol. 2 (QT is the master of substance here. Style not so much).

21st Nov. ’08 : Kill Bill vol. 1 (QT is the master of style here. Substance not so much).

21st Nov. ’08 : Dasvidaniya (Not a typo. Saw it again).

21st Nov. ’08 : WALL.E (Same as below).

21st Nov. ’08 : The Dark Knight (IMDB #4 of all time ? Really ?).

20th Nov. ’08 : Dasvidaniya (A must-watch if you like good cinema).

19th Nov. ’08 : Slumdog Millionaire (Review here).

18th Nov. ’08 : Deshdrohi (if you thought Andaz Apna Apna was funny .. you need to see this).

16th Nov. ’08 : Dostana (Good first half. Not good second half).

15th Nov. ’08 : The Bourne Ultimatum (The series leaves you spellbound).

15th Nov. ’08 : The Bourne Supremacy (The series picks up pace).

15th Nov. ’08 : The Bourne Identity (The series starts slow).