No updates on this blog does not necessarily prove that our leaders make complete sense or our media thinks that journalism is cool now.

So while I am battling with my exams, there are some good articles you might want to catch : (all these in reference to Mr. Z (of neighbouring P) putting their forces on alert after a prank call)

Greatbong writes his version of the call here, Rituparna Bhowmik with her version here, while Faking News predicts some news five years down the line here.

Meanwhile, for lovers of weird news, this article could provide some laughs.

And for inspiration, commitment and hard work during my exams, I look upto this reporter here.

P.S. : Blogging will resume very soon at the earlier pace. Just one more exam to go. And a word of advice to people : Please stay away from me if you look like a matrix. If I still spot you, I do not promise restraint.